Bethany Beach Artist Morgan Golladay


Morgan is a native of the Shenandoah Valley, growing up in the Winchester, VA, area.  She graduated from what is now the University of Mary Washington with a liberal arts degree, which she says “allowed her to do just about anything she wanted.”  She has recruited and trained Girl Scout volunteers, coordinated public relations for volunteer organizations, organized group and individual Red Cross blood donors, trained Red Cross disaster personnel, led book discussions at her local library, and was one of the first women in the water well industry to size and sell residential water systems.  She also likes to garden, cook and write poetry, although not necessarily at the same time.

She started studying watercolor in 1990, after moving to the Delaware beach area.  She is self-taught in oil pastels and has taken many workshops in acrylics and multi-media. She is a member of the Mispillion Art League, the Art League of Ocean City, Delaware Watercolor Society, and Rehoboth Art League.


Artist Statement

My life as an artist began in 2000 when I began taking watercolor lessons in Bethany Beach.  My parents, who both supported families during the Depression, discouraged me from developing an interest in creating art, since I could “never support myself as an artist.”  Aside from school assignments, art was a forbidden and guilty pleasure, and I avoided it.  But after retiring and moving to Delaware, that guilty pleasure’s siren call became louder and stronger.  I switched to oil pastels and acrylics in 2006.


My studio is in my garage, a separate-but-close space.  My messes can stay there,  in a creatively-charged space where the ‘brew’ is stirred.  My favorite medium is acrylics and collage; my favorite tool, next to my fingers, is a #12 round brush; my favorite color is blue; my favorite style is abstract.  All of this, however, is subject to change.

I am constantly experimenting with color, texture, composition.  I know things are going well when I lose track of time, even though I keep track of ‘tummy-time’ and take frequent tea breaks.  The ‘double-take,’ or ‘wow’ factor constantly intrigues me, and I look to put that in my paintings.  Being tall, left-handed and bespectacled, I have a different point of view that finds expression in my work.  And it’s that point of view I try to get across – the “Gee, I never thought of it that way before” effect.

I have recently begun sketchbook journaling – places, people, things.  Some are only pen and ink washes, and others include watercolors.  Many of these are done in Plein Aire, with the vagaries of weather and time taken into consideration.  Studio work is in the Fine Art tab, and the sketchbook work is in Journals.

Art is not about drawing straight lines, with or without rulers.  Art is about making connections between the viewer and the artist.  It is about emotion, humanity, risk-taking and joy.  That is my intention as an artist – to share my voice and my vision with you.